Nov 072011
To be well rounded in design I attend conventions. Including the Adult Webmaster Conventions. There is a truth that’s undeniable – “Adult Themes Drive The Internet”. All the tech being written is geared toward getting it higher quality, more interactive, faster download to the adult viewer. Some would argue it’s for gaming. I say this and I believe it to be true that the pure number of adult sites and the traffic they generate are a huge driving force. I never thought that one might have a top 100 high internet rating. High enough to beat Adobe. You know… Adobe Systems the mainstay standard for all things creative? * is an graphic content site with an Alexa rating of 57. That’s the 57th highest rated in the WORLD! Adobe is number 66. I guess seeing as how everyone wants something for nothing and * is a free pirate tube site I shouldn’t be surprised. In a side note, Facebook is rated #2 behind Google which has held #1 for… forever. is #10 in the USA. Another surprise here. It’s my opinion that Craiglists is under used – I check Craiglist first for many things. Adobe is a great company with over 200,000 sites linking in but still does not get the traffic of *hamster with only 7,800 sites linking in. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!