Aug 262011

Website Design in Simi Valley

I ran across an article published a few years ago from the National Sales Executive Association. I doesn’t matter is you’re selling web sites or paper clips consistency counts! Their statistics show that the most sales by far are made from the 5th…

Aug 212011

website design simi valley

According to a report .org grew by 10.1 percent over the last year, now more than 9 million registrations with an ‘org’ website domain.

Interesting to note,  new .org registration increased by 14.6 percent and the average  rate of renewal up to 75.8 percent during the first half of 2011.

Aug 152011

Gargage websiteEveryday I see ads from people wanting a website for $99.00. I see lots of ads for people who will create a site for $99.00. Why don’t the 2 of them get together? Because it’s not realistic! An out of the can 4-5 page cookie cutter template is not satisfying to view nor is it ranking well with the search engines. For the web designer it’s 1/2 an hour’s work because