Aug 152011
web design

$99 Web Design

Ads for doing quality website for $99.00? I see lots of ads for people who will create a site for $99.00. Lots of ads by customers looking for a $99.00 website. Why don’t the 2 of them get together?

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A quality website for $99 is not realistic! An out of the can 4-5 page cookie cutter template is not satisfying to view nor is it ranking well with the search engines. For the web designer it’s 1/2 an hour’s work because again it’s cookie cutter and what the client needs must function within the cookie cutter code of the template.

Web Design  - Cheap? Really?

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Now that the web designer has you locked in (and has your $99.00) any customization cost $$$ and time and probably doesn’t function within your original site. There is an impression here in the USA that they can get a Russian web designer to work for food. That they’re so poor that they are happy to design websites for $2.00/hour. The Russian designers I know are good at working the idea that a Russian web designer will give you a superior website for very cheap. I met someone who got a Russian web designer to do a $99 website. It was an ecommerce site selling children’s clothes. She spent $800.00 getting it customized then found out it wasn’t coded to support some of the payment gateways she needed. She spent $900 on a web site which lacked the functions she needed. Here’s the google link to search for these guys. If you think thats what you need What I’m saying here is talk to web designers about web design and just don’t click a button online.