SEO Audit Report


 SEO Reporting = Success 

Now you can have the SEO reports used by Fortune 500 companies. can help you turn your website into an unshakable search engine leader. The power of top Google ranking is huge: make your website show up using your target keywords, and be ready to pile money. Our 40+ page report of your website gives you the information you need.

There’s a definite science and a definite art to making websites rank  higher, search engine optimization. When it’s done right, your business gets found by thousands of new people daily — and secures you new levels of online profits and success.

Briefly, here’s how it works. Most people who search the Web for products or services will go to Google or other search engines and type in their search terms, or keywords. Sites that appear in top results for these keywords are getting the greatest streams of visitors looking exactly for what they offer (that’s why these crowds of people are most likely to pay).

The first thing to do is to spot the exact words people will type in Google to find your website. SEO tools will help you find keywords with the biggest potential to bring in your desired profits. Be quick to pick out the most frequently searched keywords at which your online competitors are the weakest!

Optimize your pages’ content

The content of your webpages must be optimized for top rankings. With the website auditor report you will optimize your content easily and professionally. This report gives you detailed advice on how exactly to arrange your keywords on the website to get maximum chances to appear in top search engines results.

Shape up your website structure

There is a whole lot of factors concerning your website’s structure and coding that hugely influence search engines’ rankings. Our report gives you full control over your website’s architecture and lets you carry all structural and coding-related aspects of your website to perfection.

You’ll uncovers your competitors’ linking strategy and provides you with the SEO Success Blueprint — a step–by–step personal plan to outsmart any other website owner out there, within a couple of minutes. Today SEO consultants are working for about 5 days and charge up to $4,500 for this kind of instructions.

 SEO Reporting = Success 

Samples of our 40 page in depth report

Get links pointing to your website

Obviously having numbers of high quality links pointing to your website is crucial when Googles decide how to rank you. You’ll find the advanced link management tool that lets you boost your website’s link popularity and skyrocket upward. You’ll find top quality link partners, establish thousands of first–class links, back up your link popularity with extra security steps and manage your link building like a pro.

Hundreds of elements examined and reported

Number of keywords suggested

Keyword search volumes by Keyword Discovery

Number of pages to optimize

Number of competing sites

Direct traffic per keyword count

Creating optimization strategy based on competition research

Recommendations for optimized content

“Stop” words

Keywords to enter and analyze

Choosing the search engine for which to optimize the webpage

Counting nofollow links

Measuring page size and HTML code size

Collecting cache date in Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Analyzing page popularity by Google and Yahoo!

Measuring your Alexa rank

Reviewing page titles

Checking pages’ content and charset types
Optimization rate of the page

Search engines’ view of keywords.

Clear display of each page element

Display of problem elements while editing

Keyword density analysis

Displaying the number of page elements containing a keyword

Comparison with competition

SEO tips in the report

Special research for single–word and multi–word phrases

Keyword count

Finds, analysis and reviews all pages of the website

Generating and managing Google XML Sitemaps for your site

Analyzing both page- and domain-related ranking factors

Scanning pages for broken links

Pages’ HTML code validation

Google PageRank analysis

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