Jan 212012
Flava Flave said “Don’t believe the hype” well this hype you can believe. I’m amazed at how little attention this gets from the average Joe considering how much it changes the ballgame. If you’re reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about PLEASE Google it. I’ll have a banner on 1stChoiceWebsiteDesign.com site till the bill is defeated. We all agree it’s not nice to steal. This is not the issue. This bill is vague and open to interpretation on enforcement, it’s the foot in the door big brother has wanted for over 20 years and it stifles creativity. Before it was the pretext that it was for the safety of the children, now it’s intellectual property rights. Last year another bill was presented and defeated. I believe more and more, faster and faster these bills will be presented. It’s possible…. UPDATE: this bills are all but dea. There are new ones on the horizon such as ‘Open’ a bill currently being brought back from last years ashes. Stay tuned ~ Michael