Aug 312011
You know, I feel like I’m getting older when I can spot a free web site within 2 seconds. Looks to me like all the hosting companies are giving away websites if you pay for hosting. Pay for hosting? Then they’re now really free are they? I know, I know, some are truely free but why? In sales it’s called an upsell. You join for free and at some point you’ll see that you need more and since you’re already somewhat familiar with the sites particular system there are hope that you’ll stay with that company. Works alot of the time. has free sites. The next upgrade is $99.00/yr, the upgrade after that is $499.00/yr. This is, from what I can see pretty standard practice, for this type of marketing. Why not get EVERYTHING you want and more for 1 price? Customized to your needs? Write us, lets chat about where you are now and where you need to be. We’d love to help!