Nov 272011

I’m always bombarded with emails from other SEO companies promising the moon. I don’t know about you but I REALLY hate the ones that promise you organic (real ‘white hat’ legit) first page listings on both Yahoo and Google. I usually say “ok, I’ll do it! Just fax me a copy of the agreement including the conversation we just had giving me a one year worldwide 1st page listing”, Guess what, I never got that fax.

 Over Thanksgiving I showed a client a site that recorded TONS of hits from all over the world. It was just crap! Fake hits from fake sources that will never turn into money. Money, in the end thats what we all want isn’t it? It’s a numbers game and get enough people to your site and odds are you’ll have customers. Being seen! Really being seen! I started this blog entry because I read a webmaster’s thread where he asked “what is White Hat”? By asking his he implies there is no longer ‘White Hat’ when it comes to SEO. Ok, let me back up here. What is ‘White Hat vs. Black Hat’? Just like there will always be people that figure out how to steal cable, there are those who will figure out the quick easy way to get a high search engine ranking for their website. What’s wrong with that you might ask. The problem is the search engine companies, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. penalize sites that get ratings the wrong way or ‘Black Hat’ way. Sometimes in doing SEO you just can’t resist trying a Black Hat trick or 2 to see if they will stick. Last week a webmaster was bragging  that he got a PR2 rating after 3 weeks. The PR ranking system goes from ‘not listed’ to 0-10. Intel as an example has a PR ranking of 8 so 2 with about 2 hours work is not too shabby. He was bragging about this to someone when then 3 hours later he was caught and kicked back down to 0. No loss, he was just playing and again it was one of his own sites. Social media sites like facebook are legit avenues for site promotion and the search engines LOVE the idea that you use them. I’m sure I’ll be blogging tons on this over time. Be careful of marketing companies that promise the moon. It takes a while to get to the moon.