Sep 012011
I remember somewhere around 2003 writing about the use of meta tags. When the internet started there needed to be some criteria in place so surfers would be able to find the articles they needed. The use of meta tags were one way. Around 2002-2003, because the internet had grown and everyone was now using meta tags most search engines found them irrelevant. Search engines have an algorithm for placement. Unless you personally know the writer of this 1 piece of code, you really don’t know what the major search engines –, and are looking for. I’ve watched what the engines are doing within themselves, how they react to the world around them and developed philosophy about what works. The image attached in this article shows I must know a little something. Let’s go back to the topic of meta tags. Use them? Don’t use them? I say use them. As a matter of fact throw everything you can at your site. What does it hurt? Things that are funny to me are the idea of having to use H1, H2 and H3 headlines. Again the criteria changed a few years ago. When to bold or italicize became another issue. Now, I’ll say there are some things that can actually hurt your site while you’re wrecking your brain and talents developing a well seen website. Break the search engines laws and you won’t get seen at all. One of the things I like to do is share my knowledge of marketing. I don’t like to use the term SEO to much as it’s so widely used by companies that promise you the moon and you get very little for your investment. So… in parting I’ll say if you know nothing else, “write full interesting articles”. The idea of using meta tags may change on a whim with the search engines if it does you’ll be ready. Michael – Web Designer