Aug 232011
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Web Design

While surfing the web I noticed how unartistic websites were for tattoo artists. I mean some really bad sites out there. It’s kind of a shame considering the level of skill and talent to be a tattoo artist. I made a ‘Tattoo’ website I hope any tattoo artist would like. tons of features and more added later. Let me know if you’d like a site like this.

Features we added to site-

SEO Equipt
Web design Robot.txt
Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Friendly
Web design Site Map
Web design Traffic Updates
Language Translation
‘Send Link To Friend’
Sell Merchandise via Paypal
Viewer Comments on/off
Multiple Menus & Locations
Top Corner Page Peel
Customized to Specific Industry
Flash entry page with music (your logo)
Multiple Sliders Available
Web Design Slider Links
Background Changes (10 sec.)
Menu Stays On Top Of Screen

Multiple Page Formats
Web Design Custom Logo
Matching Typography
Color Scheme
Custom Graphics
Play Video & Flash
Display Most Image Types
Contact Page
Testimonial Page
Gallery Pages
Appointment page
Voting Pole
Header Image Changes On Page Refresh
Cartoon Icons Change On Page Refresh & Link To Flashes Pages
Auto Cell Phone Viewablity